NEW ACADEMIC YEAR - The default academic year has been changed to 2018/2019. If you cannot find your Project in My ETHICS and/or My Projects you may be in the wrong year. To change the academic year to one where your Project was submitted and authorised - Click on the academic year link (2018/2019) in the top right hand corner of any page, Select the required academic year and Click Submit.


ATTACHMENTS - CU ETHICS is available to users to create, browse, modify and/or authorise projects, access documentation and undertake administrative tasks.

Please check that all documents have been uploaded and appear in Attachments Section before Submitting.

Upload Guidance:

  1. Only use documents that are PDF format
  2. Ensure there are no spaces or illegal characters in the filename
  3. Do no use excessively long filenames


Report any issues using the Send Support Request link (bottom Right hand corner) of any page on CU ETHICS


System Status: System is fully operational 


Bookmark and revisit this page on a regular basis for updates.


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